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How to elevate your paid media campaigns

Running multi-channel campaigns can cause different viewpoints as every channel is using different KPIs. This can lead to the wrong assumptions.

Campaign managers are dealing with this every day and shouldn't be bothered with how they should optimize their campaigns because they are the specialist and have the knowledge and experience.

However, businesses tend to have their marketing plans spread over different channels in order to do acquisition and branding at the same time. Can you exercise on both and how can you upgrade these campaigns into your marketing plans? Building an overall reporting dashboard can help to overcome the first steps to merge that data. But how to start this?

In four steps, you can upgrade your paid media campaigns into a marketing plan with multiple goals like acquisition and branding at the same time.


The company goal

What are the business goals of your company? Define these for your company together with the management. These objectives merely are sales driven and therefore can be quite concrete however adding a secondary goal could be something like branding to guide the sales.


Define your audience.

Group your audiences based on the product you are offering in combination with your existing users. You can create more audiences based on the different products or services you offer. For every audience group, you need to define a message and have a clear understanding of in which channels you can find these audience groups.



Is your product or service selling well in certain seasons of the year? Then forecast these in advance and spread your budget towards it. Show your brand across your audience during that time of the year. Schedule it in advance and discuss the goal of the marketing plan with your campaign managers.


Create a media planning

Now you are ready to create a media plan throughout the year and upgrade your paid media campaigns. As you have aligned the company goal with your audience and forecasted the marketing budget throughout the seasons and channels with the right message. Start using custom marketing layers; Awareness, Prospecting, and Remarketing to gain more control and achieve your goals. campaign managers will love this way of working.

That's why we have built BeAddy, to put your strategy in the lead and combine campaign management with marketing.

Let's go get them, tiger!

The proof is in eating the pudding

See here how Endeavour group elevated their campaigns or how Vaessen Creative optimized their campaigns.


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