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The online
planning tool

Efficiently create, schedule and optimize your online media plans. Be in control and gain insights to all your online marketing campaigns with BeAddy.


Be Addy is trusted
by these companies



Business case


Business case

Endeavour Group

The agency Endeavour Group used BeAddy for the advertiser Trust because they sought a tool that would help them to give control over their advertising beyond reporting only.


Business case

Vaessen Creative

Vaessen Creative is a webstore for hobby materials, they ship over 30.000 products worldwide. Vaessen Creative used BeAddy to get more control over their worldwide media plans.

Plans that scale with you

We offer flexible prices for all kinds of use-cases. Yours included.


Ideal for freelancers who control a few media plans.

€99 monthly

14 days free trial



Small medium business

Best pick for Small medium businesses who have multiple ad accounts.

€299 monthly

14 days free trial


When you control multiple media plans across multiple platforms.

€599 monthly

14 days free trial

Small medium business



A custom fit for your company. Get in contact and together we'll get the best fit for you.

Let's talk


Standard tool use
Advanced media planning
Ad spend
Up to 10K
11 - 35K
35 - 60K
Over 60K
1 login
Up to 3 logins
Up to 8 logins
Up to 10 logins
5 advertisers
Up to 8 advertisers
Up to 10 advertisers
Up to 12 advertisers
Media platform connections
Up to 2 connections
Up to 3 connections
Up to 4 connections
Up to 5 connections
Live chat support
Priority support
Account manager
Development coins

Don't see
a fitting
price plan?

Are you not entirely sure what you need? Reach out and we will look together with you which plan suits you best!

Frequently asked questions

Can I try BeAddy before committing to a plan?

Yes. All plans come with a free trial. You only will be billed after this period.

Can I switch plans later on?

Absolutely. You can upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time.

Do you offer any discount?

We offer one month for free when you choose annual billing.

Can I have team members on a different price plan?

Sorry, for now, everyone on your team must be on the same plan.

What happens if I go over my plan limit? (Exceed spend limit)

It is always possible that you exceed the limits of the plan, in this case, somebody in our team will contact you about upgrading your account at your next billing cycle.

What happens if I want to cancel?

We're always sorry to see you go, but we have a 1 month cancellation policy. 

Do you offer help with setting up campaigns?

As we are only a tool providing the tech to set up your campaigns out of one place, we do have connections with very knowledgeable people who can help you. Shoot us an email for more information.

Can I get a custom feature built for my company?

Yes, we get requests all the time for new features, if your feature is popular it will be planned to build.

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