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Join the BeAddy partner program

Together we can do more! Become a BeAddy partner today and earn up to $ 5500 of every sale made through your referral while promoting our online media planning tool.




Here's how it works

We partner with like-minded brand advocates and publishers to share about BeAddy. You get a unique tracking link that you can use to recommend BeAddy on your website, a social media post, your blog or
wherever you like!

Apply to the program

Apply today and join hundreds of marketers who are earning with our affiliate program.

Share BeAddy

Use your unique referral link everywhere you want. The more you share, the more you earn. 

Get paid!

Whether your referees get a corporate plan or a freelance plan, Earn up to $ 5500 of every sale made through your referral.


Which partner program is right for you?

Choose from 3 options to partner with us! You'll help your customers grow with our online media planning platform. We'll help you acquire, engage and convert clients with ease!

Agency partner

Do you know clients that can use BeAddy themselves? Own the sales, implementation and success of your clients while earning a recurring commission.

Technology partner

If your company likes to build powerful solutions between your product and BeAddy. Let's integrate with our ecosystem as we look forward to partner up.

Affiliate partner

Are you a veteran of online media planning and love to share our tool? Start with our referral link to spread the word as we like to assist you in your success.

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Frequently asked questions

How do I get paid?

We work with the PartnerStack platform to manage our partners. To withdraw a commission, you’ll need to set up your PayPal or Stripe through your PartnerStack dashboard. Once that’s complete, you’ll be paid immediately once your registered deal closes.

Is this program open to everyone?

Absolutely, anyone including existing BeAddy customers can apply to become a BeAddy partner!

How long do commissions last for?

Our commissions last for 1 year.

Will joining this program get me access to the BeAddy dashboard?

As a BeAddy partner, you will get limited access to our tool if you are not a part of BeAddy already!

How will my referrals be tracked?

Your referrals are tracked through your unique affiliate link found in your PartnerStack dashboard. You’ll be able to see clicks and follow your referrals’ journey through the PartnerStack sales cycle until they are closed or lost.

Get in touch

Do you have a question that we haven't answered here, we'd love to talk to you.


Learn all about BeAddy

Discover everything about BeAddy in our partner portal, from blogs, usecases to our company overview and marketing materials. All you will need to be successfull as a BeAddy partner.

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