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Endeavour Group
DBOM | Trust

The agency Endeavour Group used BeAddy for the advertiser Trust because they sought a tool that would help them give control over their advertising beyond reporting only. For this particular campaign, Facebook and DV360 were used to deliver the KPI along with the budget allocation, and the media plan was created and set up in

Campaign Configuration
25% Gain

We used to spend
4 hours per week on configuration, in BeAddy it is only
3 hours.

Endeavour Group wanted to create a better flow for campaign creation and limit the time of repetitive tasks for the setup.
BeAddy redesigned the way of setting up a multiplatform campaign with a smooth interface. Switching between platforms to configure your campaigns is part of history now. Get easy access to your saved audiences on Facebook or Google and swiftly create your ad sets or line items on the fly. With BeAddy, it becomes less time-consuming to set up multiple campaigns through different channels.

"I never have to leave the interface and can easily divide the budget between the multiple advertising platforms."

Jim - DBOM

Campaign Management
40% Gain

We used to spend
5 hours per week with BeAddy we need just
3 hours.

When creating the media plan Endeavour Group uses different marketing layers which makes the campaign management more complex. BeAddy brings all your campaigns together to manage them directly and lets you distinguish your campaigns through the media plan and marketing layers. It gives you control and a clear overview to see how the different ad sets and line items perform. No hassle anymore to pick out the underperforming campaigns.

Campaign Optimization

Optimizing budgets between different channels to deliver the campaign KPI is essential for Endeavour Group. With BeAddy you can optimize and tweak your campaigns straight away without going into the platform individually. Re-allocate budgets to multiple phases in the customer journey or adjust your audiences and bid strategy to optimize it even further. Close the gap between Facebook and Google and utilize your knowledge as an expert.

20% Gain

We used to spend
5 hours per week but with BeAddy we managed 4 hours.

“BeAddy enabled us to easily distinguish campaigns through the briefing concept. For instance, you can specifically allocate budget to multiple phases in the customer journey, such as awareness, prospecting and so on."

Jim - DBOM

Campaign Overview
33% Gain

Before BeAddy we spend 3 hours per week, now we can do it in 2 hours.

Endeavour Group needed reporting across multiple channels and marketing layers including the main metrics and dimensions.
BeAddy helped to create an overview of all these platforms and campaigns within the media plan. We keep the data altogether and automate customized reports by scheduling them weekly. Combining powerful data sets and seeing the correlation instantly between multiple channels makes you decide faster.




in campaign management



in campaign optimization



in campaign overview

Campaign configuration

Overall ROI

The combination of the individual elements gives an overall ROI
of 23% for this campaign. When taking into account that BeAddy will add more functionalities to the platform in the near future, we expect that the ROI will increase.

Campaign overview


Campaign management

Campaign optimization

23% Gain

BeAddy gave us a time save of 23% and we know that it is only the beginning!


Endeavour Group has seen an exceptionally high ROI of 23% overall on the execution of the media plan by using BeAddy. On all the individual elements the increase was noticeable and combined with the ease of use it’s out of the question that BeAddy will be used from now on.

“BeAddy enabled us to easily distinguish campaigns through the briefing concept. For instance, you can specifically allocate budget to multiple phases in the customer journey, such as awareness, prospecting, and so on.”

Jim - DBOM

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