Our story

We started Be Addy with the purpose to bring channels together in a media plan combined with strategy in an online dashboard.

We aim for unburdening the marketing managers, specialists and digital ad wizards in their quest to rule the online ad space. Whether you are a freelancer working for the local florist or an agency creating marketing campaigns for the biggest brands on the earth, we are here to make your life easier.

Founded in 2019 and headquartered in Amsterdam, Be Addy has received 2 funding rounds so far.


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Our mission

Be Addy's vision is to bring channels together through a customer-centric and friendly one-login dashboard to give clarity and understanding of its purpose.

We offer overview and ease in your media planning, strategy, budget allocation and campaigns through our unique one-login dashboard as we want to bring your online marketing to the next level. Our virtual assistants will guide or provide you with training to strengthen your skills.

Be Addy is here to unburden our clients. In whatever stage of their adventures, they might be. You might be starting in-housing your digital advertising or be an agency working for big clients in multiple countries.


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Meet the team

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Anna is our first lady when it comes to product development and leading the project to a succes. Her eye for detail is probably trained when she worked at a spacerocket company whilst dancing ballet.

Anna Nemirova

Anton founded this company with his passion for online advertising. He got a talent for persistence and clear focus to seek for the best result. Is that why you can find him training his bike racing skills in the office often?

Anton Kooijman

Arnoud is Advisor to the board and a veteran in the industry who understands the meaning of edge cases when building a business. Coaching is his middle name when it comes to harnessing work life balance. Is he therefore always smiling when cycling the Dutch mountain Posbank?

Arnoud van Leeuwen

Nikolay is our Fullstack React & Node engineer and knows how to implement all the requirements effortlessly. Does he practice this during ice skating or writing game add-ons?

Nikolay Kotlyarov

Koen is designing our tool and styling the sharp edges to a smooth design with an eye for detail. Is this talent developed during his sparring sessions while boxing?

Koen van der Bliek
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We are always looking for new colleagues to help us achieve our dreams!

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We're always looking for new talent to join our team.
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