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When you have a subscription with BeAddy, there are a few possibilities for the type of subscription. In this article, we will discuss what type of subscriptions BeAddy has, and where you can view and manage your current subscription.

Let's start with the different kinds of subscriptions we have at BeAddy. We have 4 types; Freelancer, Small Medium Business, Corporate and Enterprise. You can see the plans and pricing of them below.


The freelance subscription is as you will guess created for a freelancer, who will control a few media plans at a time for a couple of clients. As the freelancer probably works on his own and manages all campaigns by themselves, we choose they could have 2 different platform connections, which they can choose themselves. As they are working for only a few clients, we expect they wont have the highest monthly spend.

Small Medium Business

This is the subscription above the Freelance. We've upped the ad spend, logins, advertisers and connections. A lot of times, digital agencies are working with a few different campaign managers or specialists and when they can see an overview of the entire media plan, they can work together more efficiently and have a better outcome.


The third subscription is the Corporate, in this subscription we increased the d spend, logins, advertisers and connections again so even more people can work in our dashboard. You are now able to work with up to 8 people on the media plans, or even assign each their own advertiser. This way they can work separately but still check on each other to see where they can improve their own strategy.


The Enterprise subscription is our biggest one, we want to emphasise that this subscription is flexible. What we mean is that you can even get more platform connections than the amount listed above. Together with our sales team you we will create a custom plan to get the most out of BeAddy.


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