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Organize your ads in a smart way.

We understand that organizing your paid media can be a struggle whilst keeping track of your goal. Be Addy can help you with organizing it through one dashboard and optimize easily through all these channels.


Use only one dashboard for all your media planning. By disrupting the walls between different platforms you are now able to work with only one dashboard. 


Create awesome media plans or Be Addy can help you decide which platforms you can use best. Moreover, you can select the ad product across your platforms that fit your goals best.


Be Addy automatically calculates the best budget allocation based on previous campaign performance in combination with your preferences.


The simplified and smart reporting solution provides a clear insight into your campaign performance, cross-platform.
Be Addy sends automatic notifications of your performance versus your goals. 


9th of June 2020

Press release of
Be Addy got fired up by the media.

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Proud to announce what we have accomplished with the team.


The launch of Be Addy!



Press release
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Anna Nemirova

Anna is our first lady when it comes to product development and leading the project to a succes. Her eye for detail is probably trained when she worked at a spacerocket company whilst dancing ballet.

Koen van der Bliek

Koen is designing our tool and styling the sharp edges to a smooth and nice design with an eye for detail. Is this talent developed during his sparring sessions when boxing?

Nikolay Kotlyarov

Nikolay is our Fullstack React & Node engineer and knows how to implement all the requirements effortlessly. Does he practice this during ice skating or writing game add-ons?

Anton Kooijman

Anton founded this company with his passion for online advertising. He got a talent for persistence and clear focus to seek for the best result.

Dawid Paszek

Dawid knows exactly how to develop user flows to fit its best in the platform. Maybe his mind gets tested with less oxygen when hiking in the mountains.

Benjamin Gotlieb

Benjamin is as sharp as he looks and brings his talent of persuasion to the company. His weekly cycling through the Dutch landscape gives him freedom and refreshes his mind.

Mykola Sirko

Mykola is our Front-end developer, who is making sure everything is pixel-perfect in our dashboard in a collaboration with the design team, but as well you can talk with him about a perfect ice-cold IPA beer.