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We support DV360

We're happy to announce we support Display and Video 360 in Be Addy!

This means from now on you can create, execute and optimize your DV360 campaigns within Be Addy!

From now on we support DV360 in our system. You can create or import campaigns, Insertion Orders (IO), and line items in your media plans. We will also show you reports from the campaigns which have run in your media plans.

We set up DV360 slightly differently than the other channels we have integrated so far. The main change is that we regard the IO the same as a campaign on Facebook and Google Ads. This means the actual DV360 campaign is one level higher. The way DV360 intended the user to use the campaigns is like one big campaign and multiple IOs inside to reach your different goals. We integrated it the same way. Once you created a media plan, you will see a tile with 'DV360 campaign' and a Draft status. You will have to create the DV360 campaign first and then you can create the IOs in your media plan. Inside the IO you can create multiple line items which will serve your ads to the ad servers.

In order to use DV360 in Be Addy, you will need to have an advertiser DV360 account to which you can connect our platform. Once connected you can start creating media plans and plan DV360 ads.

Not everybody can get a DV360 account, you will need to commit to a certain spend on the platform and then you might get an account. Be Addy can assist in acquiring a login connection with DV360 when needed. Please contact one of our support members if you wish to do so.

As well we plan on giving training or workshops on how to use DV360 for your own business. Stay tuned for more news on this front!


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