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We have Zendesk

Yes! We use Zendesk from right now! We believe this will take our support to the next level. Zendesk provides software-as-a-service products related to customer support, sales, and other customer communications.

Zendesk offers support software that makes the contact between ourselves and our customers a lot easier. Zendesk lets us use some different ways of staying in contact with you, we now can use messaging via chat, social media, email or even regular calling. Next to this, we integrated this help centre into our messaging system so we have all the knowledge readily available for you.

We decided to integrate Zendesk into the Be Addy dashboard to keep as much attention as possible for our growing client database. We understand that not everybody know's the ins and outs of our product as we do and every now and then you can't find something or have a question. By integrating Zendesk we hope we can help you the best way possible. We have an ever-expanding help centre with loads of topics of Be Addy explained.

You might already have seen the help button in the bottom left corner of your screen. This is your portal to Zendesk. Whenever you have a question feel free to click this help button and ask your question. You'll be welcomed by our very own Be Addy Bot and it will link you to the most suitable article to help you with your question. This way you can always at any time lookup any questions you might have or get in contact with anybody from our customer service.


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