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Reuters Marketing Event


The Reuters Marketing Event took place in New York on the 20th and 21st of October and BeAddy attended and spoke about 'How to Master your Media plan'.

There was a broad variety of Sessions and Panel Discussions during the 2-day event touching Customer Experience, Engage with Customers, Consumer connections in the Metaverse, and much more.

I've highlighted some of the topics which inspired me during the event.

1st Day

An interesting discussion was about 'Transforming the Marketing Function to Fuel Growth', a panel with the company TalkWalker, First Horizon Bank, AB InBev, and Elevate my Brand. The key takeaway was 'how to learn to execute successful collaborations with like-minded brands to increase brand awareness and boost sales'.

Strategies that are created during the pandemic were all customer-centric which is driven by data and creatives but has a big challenge for multi-disciplined teams. This magnified and amplified the brand message in different visuals to reach the audience and drive their decision to make it easier. Nevertheless 'Defining the brand's own value and aligning partnerships to evolve whilst remaining authentic'.

This is addressing the need for a structured and fundamental plan for your business goal as a company at the beginning of the year and strategizing ahead. From a marketing perspective, the key driver is: how to boost sales with the marketing budget and how to align your strategy to achieve this. It narrows down to understanding your customers and putting them at the center of your strategy. Finding the different channels of involvement to create different messages and visuals to engage with them.

BeAddy presentation

During the BeAddy session, I was tapping into some of the topics which were mentioned earlier that day. Because we see that brands are struggling with the process of having their strategy in the lead. Especially when a single TV spot is supported by all the other platforms you need to be versatile. By understanding the behavior on these platforms whether it's Linkedin, Facebook, or TikTok. This is making it challenging to anticipate this and have a clear overview of your advertising spend across these channels. You don't want to push out the same TV ad across different platforms.

That's why we believe marketeers and CMOs are challenged when it comes to making your strategy leading as you also need to adapt based on the campaign results. It outlines the struggle and the complexity of the media plan nowadays.

2nd Day

On this day I was looking forward to participating in a workshop hosted by Dennis Wakabayashi (Podcast presenter CX in the Wild) about multi-channel marketing and defining KPIs. Together with Justin DeGeorge, CMO of Nespresso USA, we started with the question; how to define the KPIs of your brand. Is it coming from the brand itself or is it coming from your customers?

Dennis showed us an interesting model based on three customer experiences; Reputation, Reach and Relationship to define your brand KPIs which leads us to the Customer Journey and to focus on where customers choose.


The Reuters Marketing Event is truly a highly recommended event to attend when you are CMO or marketer who would like to be up to date on the latest trends and innovations.

What resonated with me the most is that when you're a brand it's a big challenge today to become a full-funnel marketeer.

Because D2C brands are focused on performance marketing but they need to be doing a better job in building their brand.

Whilst CPG brands could do an overall better job in performance marketing and the brand that can bring this together is able to win this race.

Overall it was for BeAddy a good opportunity to understand what marketeers are facing and struggling with in their market, whether it's DEI, Gen Z, or marketing transformation. We see a lot of touch points for brands where BeAddy can help out to make the first step to becoming the full funnel marketeer by putting your strategy in the lead and building your brand in combination with your performance marketing.


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