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Partner Onboarding

Welcome to the partner onboarding blog! We're excited to start working together in our mission to grow BeAddy across new territories! In this blog, we'll give you all the links, posts and other valuables you need in order to get going!

We'll start by explaining in three simple steps.

1 What BeAddy is and tries to achieve? 2 Show you where to find the tutorials so you can actually start working with BeAddy.

3 Show you where you can find all the marketing material in order to refer BeAddy to your peers.

1. What is BeAddy?

We started BeAddy with the purpose to bring all online media channels together in a media plan combined with strategy in a single online dashboard.

BeAddy is your tool for scheduling and tracking yourmedia plans. You can create briefings, and convert theminto strategised media plans. Once the media plan is liveyou can track the reports to see how your campaigns are performing, and if needed ask your specialists to make some changes.

In short, BeAddy is an online dashboard where you can create briefings, convert them to multi-channel media plans and add strategy to the campaigns in your media plan and finally see reporting for them.

We have a BeAddy company overview presentation (here) cooked up for you if you want to have more information about what we do and who we are. For a quick introduction, you can look at the video below!

2. Tutorials

We have a lot of tutorials, how-to and definitions in our helpdesk. From tutorials for our dashboard itself to tutorials on how to create a media plan.

You can find the Wiki for BeAddy here.

You can find a lot of how-tos here.

You can find different definitions of terms we use in BeAddy here.

As well we have another simple 3-step introduction to the BeAddy dashboard. Step 1: Create a connection Step 2: Start your first media plan Step 3: Connect your campaigns with your media plan

All of those are of course also listed in our PartnerStack Resources map.

If you still have questions after these tutorials, feel free to ask permission to get into our partner slack channel. Please mail to get an invite!!

3. Marketing materials

Of course, it using the right marketing materials is the best way to promote BeAddy. That is why we also added a lot of logos and useful links to our marketing materials in the resources map. We added a link to our BrandBook (here), so you can get aquatinted with our styling, and see how you can use the resources we have to get the best results.

We've also created a handy-dandy sales presentation (here) for you to use when you want to really impress potential clients. The presentation has some speaker notes as well so you know when to say what!

If you have any more questions, be very welcome to send us a message on our slack channel named above!


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