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Ongoing marketing layer

Yes! We did it.!

After a lot of requests, Be Addy introduced the ongoing marketing layer to import campaigns to a media plan which doesn't have an end date.

From now on, you are able to import your always-on, ongoing, and long-time running campaigns in the ongoing layer in a media plan in Be Addy. So you are able to track the effectiveness of your media plan in relation to the ongoing sales campaigns. This makes it easier to optimize your media plan according to your sales targets.

The ongoing marketing layer can be found in two instances of the media plan, first in the briefing where you can choose to include an ongoing marketing layer in your media plan.

You can find the ongoing layer just below the start and end date of your media plan. This is because the ongoing does not have any effect on the media plan. It is only here to check the effectiveness of your media plan.

The second place is the media plan itself, you can import an ongoing campaign easily by importing one according to the regular import function. Our system will recognize these ongoing campaigns and will always assign them to the ongoing layer.

Once the ongoing campaign is in your media plan, it will show up just like any other regular campaign. The only difference is that the ongoing campaigns won't add up to the budgets and date ranges of your media plan because it is meant to be a measuring stick to see the effectiveness of your media plan.

Feel free to get in contact if you have any questions.


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