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Be Addy to the next phase after closing a new financing round

Be Addy has finalised a successful introduction year and is focussing on its core product to service clients better in knowledge and enriching it with new channels after closing a new financing round. Clients can therefore create, manage, optimise and report with the one-login solution of Be Addy through different channels better.

Introducing the virtual assistant and a free trial Be Addy is completing the service and need for clients. Because the combination of a media strategy combined with channels becomes easier to create, manage and optimise the various campaigns. Silos will be merged and therefore you can see the correlation within the media strategy easier and shift or re-allocate budgets between the channels.

Anton Kooijman, founder; "We see that companies use multiple channels and combine it with strategy. Because a matrix is created it becomes difficult to manage and optimise it accordingly. With our technology, we provide control and overview to assist both the CMO and the specialist to perform better".

Coming months Be Addy will focus on supporting clients on their knowledge through tutorials and extend it with training modules. There is a need for knowledge and training because the tool is providing easy entrance, it now relies on support and how to execute it properly.


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