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LinkedIn in BeAddy

Updated: Nov 11, 2022

We're happy to announce we support LinkedIn in BeAddy! This means from now on you can use Linkedin campaigns in the media plans you create within BeAddy.

From now on we support LinkedIn in our dashboard. Next to Facebook, Google Ads, and DV360 campaigns, you will be able to import LinkedIn campaigns into your media plans. We will show you reports from the campaigns which have run in your media plans.

LinkedIn works with campaign groups in which you can find the campaigns you can import to BeAddy. You can import campaigns from different campaign groups into one media plan.

Once you have imported the campaigns to BeAddy you can follow the reporting on the reporting page to see how they perform.

You can import LinkedIn campaigns into your media plan the following way; Click the 'import' button on the media plan page. Then select an entire campaign group or single campaign(s) you want to import. And add them to the marketing layer you wish the campaign(s) to be in.

In the reporting, we have implemented all the most common metrics plus a few extras, this way you always will have the right metrics to check on how the campaign is performing in the media plan.


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