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Introduction to BeAddy

In this post, we will give you an introduction to BeAddy, explain the terminology we use, and give you a quick overview of our dashboard.

What is BeAddy?

BeAddy is an online planning tool where you create, schedule, and optimize your media plans. You can easily create a briefing with multiple marketing layers and a budget per platform. Once you have created your media plan, you can import all the campaigns to it to track their progress of them and your media plan. This way you can collaborate easily with your specialists and make sure the media plan performs the best way possible.

Our terminology

Advertiser: We regard advertisers as your clients in the BeAddy dashboard, this means you can have as many advertisers (clients) as you want in your account. But each advertiser, for now, can only have up to five platforms connected. This means if you have an advertiser who has, for example, multiple Facebook pages, you would have to create multiple advertisers in BeAddy. You can read more about this in our Advertisers and Connections article. Media plan: A media plan exists out of different marketing layers which are filled with ad products (campaigns). In the media plan, the budgets and date ranges are decided for different campaigns. On our media plan page, you control all the budgets, advertising layers, timelines, platforms, and ad products you want to use. You create a media plan to achieve the KPIs set by the clients. Ad product: We use the term Ad products for campaigns from Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, and Amazon. We also include Insertion orders from DV360 in the term Ad product. This is because the IOs from DV360 are on the same level as the campaigns from Facebook and Google.



The Dashboard page is your landing in BeAddy, on this page, you can see the progress of all your media plans and track which are going strong and which might need a little attention. You have one dashboard page per advertiser, so all the media plans for that specific advertiser will be shown here.

Media plan page

This page shows you a list of all your created media plans. Here you can easily edit, search, copy and delete all your media plans. At the top of the page, you can find the button with which you can create a new media plan.


Control all your connections with platforms on this page. You can add new connections to different platforms which you can use to create media plans. For now, we support the following platforms: DV360, Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, and Amazon. Please be aware that you can only have one connection for each advertiser. So only one Facebook connection and one Google Ads connection. But don’t worry, we have more platforms on the horizon. When you need to reauthorize your connection to a platform, you have to do so on this page.

Custom Reporting

On the reporting page, you can create custom reports where you are able to compare multiple media plans with each other. You can set up different metrics and dimensions for all the media plans in the specific advertiser. There is also a possibility to download the report or schedule them to get them in your mail at a specific time and mail. We also have a second reporting function, you can find this one on the media plan page, in the tab reporting.


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