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Importing existing Ad Products

Updated: May 12

Apart from creating campaigns in Be Addy, you can also import existing ad products into your campaign plan. It can happen that you already have an ad product running which you would like to copy from one campaign to another. You can use the Importing Ad Product feature for this.

In this article, we will discuss the following topics: • How to import an existing Ad Product? • Importing Facebook and Google Ads Ad Products

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How to import an existing ad product?

The importing of an Ad Product to your campaign plan is as easy as pressing the 'Import Ad Product' button. You can find this button on your campaign plan page on the right side.

You can only import an ad product to an existing campaign plan. Whether you use a campaign plan created by the general setup or the advanced setup does not matter. However, the campaign plan will behave a little differently. General setup:

When you import ad products to a general setup campaign plan, the campaign plan has already created several ad products for you with a budget for each ad product. Here you have to lower the existing ad products budget to fit the imported ad product within the budget. Advanced setup: When you import ad products to an advanced setup campaign plan, you can start with importing the ad product first and then later add new ad products and fill the campaign plan to the desired budget.

Importing Facebook and Google Ads Ad products

To import an existing Ad product you click on the ‘Import Ad Product’ button and a modal will pop up. Here you see a few fields:

  1. The first one is the platform you want to import an ad product from. For now, we only support imports from Facebook and Google Ads.

  2. Right next to it, you can see a field with ‘ID’ and then a field with ‘Name’ written in it. These are the fields you can search with.

  3. And on the left side is the search button, click this to search for the Ad Product you want to import.

Once you have searched an ad product you will see a list with all the ad product results for the search inquiry you have on the platform you selected. Right now you can see the ad products you are able to import to your campaign plan.

To import the Ad product:

  1. Tick the checkbox for the Ad Product

  2. In the layer column select to which layer the Ad Product needs to be imported

  3. Click Import Ad products


We don’t support ongoing ad products yet in Be Addy so unfortunately, we can’t import them yet.

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