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For who is BeAddy?

Of course, BeAddy is not for everyone, but to know who it is for, we created a few personas for you to see if you know anyone in need of BeAddy!


We start off with Agencies. Are you running an agency and looking for tooling to scale your business? BeAddy lets you easily create Briefings and convert those to media plans. Once you have the media plan, you can populate (or import) them with campaigns to create a marketing strategy based on your marketing layers. Your specialists can keep working on their platform where they know the ins and outs of their campaigns. But you as a marketing manager will keep the overview of all the campaigns together in one easy-to-use dashboard. BeAddy will also be a great and easy-to-understand dashboard to share with your clients. As we aimed to give our users the best overview. BeAddy increases your workload efficiency by 24% and helps you organise your media planning for your clients in a clean and awesome UX design.

Proven and trusted with companies who scaled their business through different paid channels including Amazon.


Marketeers are our second group of clients. Are you running campaigns through different channels and do you organize your strategy still in excel? Stop wasting time and create, manage and optimize your media plan with BeAddy and put your strategy in the lead. BeAddy lets you create easy-to-set-up briefings, and afterwards convert them to a multi-channel media plan where you can import campaigns to your strategy. Combine your data across different paid media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Amazon, Adwords, Youtube, DV360 and more.

When you want to apply the strategy to all the campaigns, sometimes your specialists will walk away with your strategy because they go into all the details of their campaigns. BeAddy will give the overview and control of your media plan back. We let you create a briefing, and convert it to a media plan. Then apply a strategy by adding the campaigns to their respective marketing layer. From there your specialists can take control of their campaigns but you will still see the bigger picture in our dashboard where you have a holistic view of your media plan.


And our third group are the freelancers. Are you an expert working as a freelancer and connecting the dots but don’t have an overview of these various campaigns across different channels? Let us help you to provide one dashboard to manage, optimize and analyse your data across your paid media channels.

As a freelancer, you are working with your client to get the best results possible. Your client often doesn't understand what you are doing for them. With the aid of BeAddy, you can easily show them what type of campaigns you are using and when. And as a bonus, it is very easy to show them the results of the campaigns. This can be on the media plan level or, campaign level.


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