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Updated: 4 days ago

The media plan page will be the page that you spent the most time on in Be Addy. In this post, we explain what you can find here on these pages. We will discuss the following items.

  1. Header

  2. Media plan & reporting tabs

  3. Widgets

  4. Products list views

  5. Add Ad product

  6. Product tiles

1. Header

The header consists out of 3 items. 1. Media plan name, you can click the little pencil right next to the name to change it, press enter ⏎ to apply the change.

2. Quick overview, you have the start and end date of your campaign, the days run and left, allocated budget and amount spent. 3. Media plan actions, from this menu, you can publish, pause and resume your ad products all at once. You have to publish your Ad products for your media plan to go live and run the ad products you have configured.

2. Media plan - reporting tabs

Just below the media plan name, you can see 'media plan' and 'reporting'. These are two stages of the media plan. In the media plan, you assign and configure the ad products in your media plan.

The reporting tab is where you check the in-depth results of your running media plan. You can read more about what you can do on this page on the topic Media plan reporting.

3. Widgets

There are two widgets to show you information about the media plan.

Left: Time layers, this widget shows you a clear overview of the duration of the marketing layers and the ad products assigned to the layers. When you have no ad product in a marketing layer, the bar is outlined, and when you add ad products the bar will fill up to full purple.

Right: Budget per platform or Budget per layer, this widget, shows you the allocated budget for your campaign. You can switch between the allocated budget per platform and layer.

4. Products list views

Below the widgets, you can see the different views of your ad product list. There are three different views.

Product List, you can see the ad products you have created per marketing layer. Each tile represents an ad product, we will go into more detail in item 6. Product tiles on the ad product tiles.

Timetable is alike the widget Time layers a representation of the timeline of your media plan. From this view, you can easily drag and extend or decrease the date range of any ad product.

Table view, this view allows you to see all the ad products of all the different marketing layers in one list. You can get a quick overview of all the ad products you have in your media plan and compare them to each other.

5. Add product

You start the media plan without any ad product. To add ad products you need to click the ‘⊕ Add product' button so you can choose which ad product you would like to add to your campaign. You start with a list of all the platforms which are linked to your account. Here you choose the platform you want to use and then select the ad product. Once you have selected the desired ad product you have to set a budget for the ad product, select in which marketing layer it should be placed and give a start and end date.

6. Product tiles

Once you have added a few ad products and you are in the product list view, you can see ad products popping up in the list. Each ad product has its own tile with the icon of the platform, the name, the budget, an options button and the status of the ad product.

The options of the ad product tile have the most functionality, from this menu, you can (re)publish, configure, edit budget or date, copy and delete the ad product. To (re)publish the ad product you will first need to configure the ad product.

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