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Budget handling

Updated: Jul 23

The budget of a media plan is one of the most important assets. It decides how the media plan will run and perform. That is why we pay a lot of attention to getting the budget right in our system. You can assign a budget on a few different levels when you are setting up a media plan.

We will discuss the following places where we allocate the budget:

Media plan and platform level Ad product level

Facebook ad products

Google Ad ad products

DV360 ad products

Media plan and platform level

The first time you set a budget is when you are setting up the holistic media plan settings, you enter a total budget for the media plan and then activate a platform you would like to use and assign a budget to said platform. This way you have a clear overview of the budget per platform. There is a small difference between the advanced and general setup.

Advanced setup: Here you first set a total budget for the media plan and directly after, you set a budget per platform.

General setup: In the general setup, you only set a total budget.

Ad product level

Once you have set the budget for your media plan and specified the platforms, it is time to be more specific and allocate a lifetime budget to each ad product you are using in your media plan.

Advanced setup: In the advanced setup, you choose the ad products you want to use in the media plan. When you select the ad products you want to use you have to set a lifetime budget straight away. Later during the configuration of the ad product, you can specify this budget.

General setup: In the general setup, we advise on ad products you can use in the media plan to achieve your set goals. Each ad product here gets a lifetime budget assigned to it.

In the ad product, you can further specify how the budget should be set, this differs for each platform, so we will discuss them per platform.

Facebook Ad set

You can set the budget of your ad product on two levels, the first level is the holistic ad product level and the second is the ad set level.

Ad product:

When you select the ad product level you divide the budget even between all ad sets you have inside the ad product. You can choose if you want to set a lifetime budget or a daily budget, the lifetime budget will set a total budget for the whole date range of the ad product. When you select the daily budget, our system will calculate what the daily budget needs to be out of the total budget divided by the number of days on which the ad product is planned.

Ad set:

The second level is the ad set level, here you can decide for every ad set directly how you want to distribute and handle the budget. Just like in the ad set product level you can select a daily or lifetime budget. By default we will copy the total budget of the ad product to your ad set budget, when you select the daily budget we will again calculate the result for you. As a verification, we will show a notification where you can see how your budget applies to the total budget. This way you can easily see if you stay within the budget and when you exceed the budget, with how much you are exceeding.

Google Ads

When setting up a Google Ads ad product, you first see the total budget (lifetime) and we will calculate the daily budget for you. If you want to change one of the two, you will have to adjust the other one as well to make the two budgets consistent again.


You start by dividing the budget when you set up the briefing for the media plan. Here you first set up a total budget and then divide that budget per platform. This budget should be the same budget you set in the campaign settings for DV360.

Insertion order:

When you add insertion orders you assign a budget to those as well, the sum of all the insertion orders (IO) budgets should be the same as the budget for the platform. Within the IO you can create segments with the budgets for different time periods. The line items can inherit these segments and use the budget of the IO’s.

Line item:

At the line item level, you have two options for the budget and pacing. You can set the budget unlimited up to the IO’s budget or set a fixed amount. When you select the fixed amount you can set the pacing on how the budget should be spent.

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