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BeAddy's briefing and media plan

You start your media plan by setting up a briefing. A briefing is an effective way to create structure, outline objectives, and determine how, when, and where you will share media content. In this article, we will tell you about the correlation between the briefing and the media plan.


When creating a media plan, you will start by setting up a briefing. This briefing consists of the media plan name, marketing layers + dates, budgets, platforms and targets. When you have filled in these settings, you will move to the media plan page where you populate your media plan.

The settings you have set in the briefing will create some prefills in the media plan. For example, when you are adding a new ad product, the media plan will select the dates of the marketing layer you want to place the ad product in for you.

Media plan

As said before, once you have set up a briefing and continued to the actual media plan, you can start adding ad products/campaigns to the media plan. You can find more information about the media plan page here.

When populating your media plan, it is possible that you will exceed dates or budgets. We made our system work so that you are able to overspend. The briefing is an outline, so it is always possible to make some exclusions to it. When you see the message below, you know you have to make some changes to the briefing.

We want you to change the briefing when you exceed the budget or dates, this is because it is not always on purpose and this is an extra way to check if you really want to.

Update date ranges

For example, when you exceeded one of the marketing layer dates, you will see in the time layers widget a red line where the date is exceeded. You now will have to edit the date range for the specific layer in the briefing as well.

Media plan


Update budgets

When you add too much budget for an ad product, you will see red markings in the budget per platform widget, this hen correlates to the budget in the briefing part where you have to edit the total budget and the budget per platform.

Media plan


So in short, the briefing is the backbone of your media plan. Most of the time you will set up the briefing together with the clients (dates and budgets). Then you have a media plan which you can populate with the ad products/campaigns. When you are exceeding for example a budget you will have to confirm the change in the briefing as well, so the client will stay up to date.


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