Be Addy 2.0

We've created a new design for Be Addy! We're proud to announce we have a new design language for all our Be Addy outings. This ranges from our website, socials and our own campaigns.

With all the changes we made over the last few months we decided it was time for a fresh look for Be Addy. We have grown out of our startup clothes into our new fully grown business jacket. We wanted to celebrate this with new styling for Be Addy. Go check it out at

We started to use elements of the ad space we work with on a daily basis in our brand designs. But instead of showing you more ads, we decided to slim them down to regular squares in our brand colours. Representing these ads we created a grid system to integrate them into our branding. But to break out of this grid, because it will become very static, we decided to make it a bit more playful and let the ‘ad blocks’ overlap. And use them as outlines if needed to create more distinction between the blocks.