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Amazon in BeAddy

We are happy to announce we integrated Amazon Ads into BeAddy! From now on you can import Amazon Ads campaigns into your BeAddy media plans.

After the implementation of LinkedIn, we immediately started working on integrating Amazon Ads into BeAddy. Amazon is the fifth platform next to Facebook, Google Ads, DV360, and LinkedIn, which we support in BeAddy.

You can import Amazon ads in BeAddy by importing them via the import button on the media plan page. You can select an entire ad portfolio or you can select separate campaigns. These can be from different portfolios. Once you have selected the campaigns you want to import, you can assign them to the marketing layer you want them to be imported into.

For now, you can't set up any campaign settings in BeAddy itself, so you can only use the importing function to see how the campaigns are performing together with other campaigns.

We've implemented a lot of common metrics and dimensions next to some Amazon-specific ones so you will have a general overview of what is happening in the Amazon campaigns but you can also deep-dive and go into more specific reporting.


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