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Partners Portal

Welcome to the partner portal, on this page you can find everything you'll need to get started to become a BeAddy Partner!

1. Get started

Learn more about Beaddy's Referral Program by reading our Partner Guide and getting familiar with the entire referral process, program benefits and resources we have for you.

2. Become an expert

Check out our Partner portal - there you will find all the essential blog posts, feature videos and knowledgebase articles to get you on your way to becoming a BeAddy expert.

3. Sharing is caring

Start sharing your referral link with your network. Whether it's via emails to your existing clients or posting on your social networks, let your ecosystem know about BeAddy.

Track your progress

Log-in to your PartnerStack account to get an overview of your referrals' activity. Whether it's to track your leads' status, revenue, commission or to claim your payouts, PartnerStack is your go-to partners' portal.


Learn about BeAddy

BeAddy Overview

Learn all about BeAddy, what we do and who we are.

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Partnership program

Learn about the partner program we have and learn how you easily get started.
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Marketing materials

Get all the visuals you will need to sell BeAddy to your clients.
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Become a BeAddy expert


Read blog posts the BeAddy team created and learn all about BeAddy.
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Use cases

Learn how BeAddy already helped a lot of other companies get more efficient.
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Knowledge base

Read articles about how to work with BeAddy and become an expert.
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Get in touch

Do you have a question that we haven't answered here, we'd love to talk to you.



Let's partner up!

Join our BeAddy technology program and grow your business fast

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