As a marketeer, you always need to make choices between platforms when you start your media planning. Use all the platforms you want for every campaign. In one place!


Multichannel advertising

Create marketing campaigns with all the platforms you want, no need to choose anymore.


Save time by organising and optimising your campaigns in a shorter time window.

Easy Setup

Manage and optimize marketing campaigns through a single dashboard.

Single login

Use one login to connect your platforms and start to create your multichannel campaigns.







.. so far!

We are always working to add more platforms to our system.



Are you marketing a product or service but can’t decide which platform is the best suitable for your results? The best campaigns use multiple platforms to sell their products. Be Addy! lets you plan everything from one easy to use dashboard.

Be Addy! helps you organise your paid media planning and provide direct access for optimizing your marketing campaigns through one dashboard. You can publish from one place which gives you a holistic overview of your multichannel campaigns.


Report & Optimise

Be Addy! easily lets you see the results of your campaigns through our dashboard and optimise even further through the funnel. No stress, just optimize in a clean and organized way so you can keep on improving your existing campaigns.


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